• 13 and Under

    Teams and training details to be announce by coach Michelle Rix 

    Asha Connors (Rookies)

    Emmy O’Meara (Lancefield)

    Holly Brewar (Rookies)

    Jewel Evans (Romsey)

    Lilly Wadden (Riddells Creek)

    Lucca Vavallo (Riddells Creek)

    Mia Allen (Riddells Creek)

    Minty (Clementine) Taylor (Woodend )

    Nicole Winks (Lancefield) 

    Olivia Whiting (Riddells Creek)

    Prue Kirby (Melton Centrals)

    Tilley Allen (Riddells Creek)


    Training Partners

    Sophie DeCarolis (Lancefield)

    Crystal Dyer (Lancefield)

    Ava Casley (Melton Centrals)


  • 15 and Under

    Teams and training details to be announced by Whitney Theilke

    Nadia Tupou - Melton Bloods

    Millie Coughlan - Romsey

    Charlee Duff-Tytler - Woodend

    Hayley Brown - Riidells Creek

    Macey Besanko - Riddells Creek

    Sara Mazzarella - Riddells Creek

    Charlotte Randle-Messaoudi - Riddells Creek

    Maata Cartisciano - Romsey

    Training Partners
    Josie Lepore - Romsey
    Eliza Jankey - Lancefield
    Phoebe Georges - Woodend

  • 17 and Under

    Teams and training details to be announced by coach Chris Cameron

    Tahlia Hartney - Sunbury Lions 
    Mackenzie Wood - Sunbury Lions 
    Shayn Jayd Magatogia - Western Rams 
    Romina Barbuto - Melton Centrals
    Dakota Lister - Wallan
    Percilla Hetaraka-Kelly - Western Rams 
    Elke Henson - Lancefield 
    Stephanie Hammond - Lancefield 
    Allanah Coward - Melton South
    Hayley Edwards - Sunbury Lions 
    Jaide Hubczak- Sunbury Lions 
  • 19 and Under

    Teams and training details to be announced by coach Kellie Duff


    Zoe Phillips - Wallan

    Mia Thomson - Lancefield

    Angelique Ross - Wallan

    Sarah Duff - Woodend-Hesket
    Genevieve Carboon - Wallan
    Amy Duff - Woodend-Hesket
    Maggie Finnerty - Wallan
    Daphne Piper - Woodend-Hesket
    Yianna Ross - Wallan
    Darcee Ellard - Lancefield
    Emergency/Training Partners
    Beth Barry - Macedon
    Alice MacDonald Myers - Woodend-Hesket
    Meg Dalgleish - Lancefield
    Millee Thomson - Lancefield