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Talking RDFNL 2021 - Macedon Senior Football

Macedon has been a powerhouse team in the RDFNL competition for years and with some juniors starting to show some promise 2021 could be another big season for them. 

Coach Alistair Meldrum knows how important football and netball are for the community and he is just looking forward to being back enjoying community sport. 

Here is what he had to say when we were "Talking RDFNL 2021":

Have you had any key signings for the upcoming season?

Our main focus for the season was retaining players. I think we have done a really good job of making sure we have our experienced players in the middle and plenty of young local talent around then. Over the last few years, we have kind of lost our identity and it is an important time for us and a perfect opportunity to find ourselves again.

Who has left the club that will be difficult to replace?

We haven’t lost too many which is lucky. I guess the biggest thing is those older players who were thinking about retiring it might have accelerated the process but we are trying to convince that a year off is no way to go out.

What do you like about the RDFNL?

 I have been lucky enough to be involved in the league for about 20 years. It has that great community feel to it and even though its so close to the CBD it feels like country sport. It is such an easy commute to the city these days it means junior players can play football at an elite level and still have clubs like Macedon to play local senior football. The rivalries with traditional clubs is really important too Hopefully Wallan stick around and a couple of those other clubs make their way back. I think it’s a really good step for the league entering into their own administration too.

How has covid19 changed your 2021 season plans? 

The plan was always to get a list and try and keep it. Since Covid hit we haven’t really changed our way of thinking we wanted to retain players and we have been able to do that. It is just a matter of waiting to hear what the new rules and regulations are. We liked to think we have been pretty flexible and instead of having a plan a and b now you need c and d as well. 

During 2020 did you have any involvement with players such as at home workouts or training programs? We have done a lot of strength and conditioning activities and challenges amongst the group and across the two codes. The Netballers have always held a high standard and have great leaders and to be able to work with them has been a lot of fun. We want to continue to work together because we are all apart of this great club and it's great to have everyone involved. That’s what it is all about.

How do you prepare for season 2021 following the year off?

I think it will just mean a lot more match simulation in the new year to make sure our bodies are ready for the demand for sport again. I think with a year off everyone is really raring to go and really passionate about getting back into it

Who are some players to watch from your team in 2021? We still have the likes of Jason Cooke in the middle of the ground as well as Nippa and some really good kids. Jack Kernan is showing ominous signs and you can throw the Doyle boys in that lot as well. It is just really exciting that these junior players are starting to find their own at the senior level. 

What are you most looking forward to in 2021? I think everyone will have the same answer to this question it is just going to be so good to be able to see kids out there having a kick again and the whole community getting involved. Communities rely so heavily on sporting events for survival and I think this year has really proven to everyone what sport means to small community towns.

Do you have a set date for preseason following the easing of restrictions? We had really good numbers for training prior to the second lockdown and we trained up until the night where the season was canceled so we are hopeful when restrictions ease we can pick up where we left off.  We just hope everyone is staying safe and doing whatever is necessary for sport to be back to normal next year,