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Talking RDFNL 2021 - Lancefield A Grade Netball

Teamwork will be the number one priority in season 2021 for Lancefield netballers.

After a year away from community sport the Lancefield netballers have stuck together and are looking forward to being back on court.

Michelle Rix will lead a strong group of coaches as they look to improve across the board at Tigerland. 

Here is what Michelle had to say about Covid19 and all things RDFNL 2021.


What do you like about the RDFNL or what has brought you to the league?

I have been part of the RDFNL for over 30 years as a player, coach, and supporter during pregnancies, injuries and as a sponsor of LFNC.  This League has become part of my life.

How has covid19 changed your 2021 season plans? 

At this stage, Covid is not affecting us for the 2021 season.  We have back up plans in place for Covid if restrictions continue and feel that 2020 has helped us put a good test run in place. We are hopeful that things will settle and like other states around Australia be able to continue with our netball season without too much restriction.

During 2020 did you have any involvement with players such as at home workouts or training programs? 

We maintained a close relationship with our players through isolation.   We had a weekly home program in place with players taking on video’s for activities and playing a big part in the program, we also had some fun with Tik-Tok challenges which was a lot of fun. We are continuing to work with players with home programs leading into preseason.

How do you prepare for season 2021 following the year off? 

We have an amazing coaching team with Paula Jewell coaching our B Grade team who brings a strong netball background, Lucy Thorman coaching C Grade, and is studying to be a PT.  We have Meaghan Keogh as our Netball Manager and we have a  wealth of knowledgeable players who help support our programs, with Tanisha Bardzinski who is studying her Masters in Sports Science, and Jessica Jackman who is a local Osteo at In Symmetry in Romsey.   We have a fantastic Netball Leadership team and together we are able to put forward a professional program for the players and to support our girls with a strong focus on gradual and steady load management.

Who are some players to watch from your team in 2021?

We are working on team building and development of all our players and I think noticeable you will see a strong team bond from all players within all our grades 2021.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021? 

I think getting back together with all the girls from Tigerland.  We all have so much fun when we are together, I think COVID has made us reflect on appreciating the simple things in life.

Do you have a set date for preseason following the easing of restrictions?

Thursday 28th January 2021.  We are welcoming new players and enquires can please come to Michelle 0413 183 387